Not your usual hotel, come for a unique experience that feels more like an immersive art installation
Guest Review2022.05
One of the most inspiring hotel I have stayed in a long time!
Guest Review

Schoko Tanaka


Born in 1990, Schoko Tanaka graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University.
She spent her childhood in California and later returned to Japan. As a student, she stayed in Germany and Mexico for a year each. Schoko has drawn mural paintings in many local places in different countries and in Japan after discovering the history and culture of mural paintings in Mexico City. Recently, she has held exhibitions of embroidery works in Tokyo, such as “Gekkoso Salon, Tsuki no Hanare” in Ginza. In 2019, she drew a mural at the Mexican Embassy in Japan. Currently, she works on embroidery and mural production activities in Tokyo.

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