Frontdesk Team2021.05
Frontdesk Team2021.04
where lives and lines intersect #MeetAtTheBar
DesignerKeigo Fukugaki2020.03.20
忘れられない体験 #ArtroomDreams
Inspired from the moment I woke up #SunriseInArt
Entrepreneur Simon Schimm2020.10.20
線と線が交差する場所 #MeetAtTheBar
DesignerKeigo Fukugaki2020.03.20

What is an Art Room?

Not one BnA Hotel is the same, however there is one thing universal across them all; the BnA Patron Platform. We pay a portion of every booking fee collected directly to the artist who created the art room. Through our Patron Platform, we provide the artist we work with with continual income and exposure, while providing our guests with a private one-of-a-kind art experience.

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