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where lives and lines intersect #MeetAtTheBar
DesignerKeigo Fukugaki2020.03.20
忘れられない体験 #ArtroomDreams
Inspired from the moment I woke up #SunriseInArt
Entrepreneur Simon Schimm2020.10.20
線と線が交差する場所 #MeetAtTheBar
DesignerKeigo Fukugaki2020.03.20

MORE THAN A HOTEL Mural & Factory

The impressive 5 meter mural wall is the heart and soul of this art complex. A new mural is commissioned every 3 months. Hotel guests and visitors can watch artists at work from the hotel atrium year round. The ever-changing mural is a symbolic representation of BnA’s spirit to “thrive through change”.
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Located in the basement of the hotel, Factory is an experimental multipurpose space outfitted as an art production and exhibition space, as well as an event space. BnA’s creative team also utilize the space as a prototyping and test space with partner companies to develop new ventures and ideas.
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