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Maria Sakurai, 9th_WALL "JOIN US" Opening Event & Exhibition.

TokyoDex (@tokyodex) and BnA_WALL (@bna_wall ) present "JOIN US," an exhibition by artist Maria Sakurai that also celebrates the unveiling of her mural created under the same name. Her largest work to date, the “JOIN US” mural was created through Vol. 1 of the "BnA_WALL Mural Rookies Project,” a collaborative project created to foster budding mural artists in Japan.

Exhibition Dates : 2023/2/12 (SUN) - 2/28 (TUE)
Opening Event: 2023/2/12 (SUN) 13:00 - 20:00

* No reservations required. Admission is free.
* Maria Sakurai will be at the venue for this event. Please check (Instagram) on Instagram for additional information on the artist’s onsite schedule, art latte pop-up schedule et al.

In addition to the exhibition of her new works and the sale of merchandise inspired by the mural, there will also be a limited number of “art lattes” created by Maria herself! Please come and “JOIN US”!

<“BnA_WALL Mural Rookies Project” Vol.1>
Maria Sakurai (@eazy_happy_step)
Mentor Artist:
Tadaomi Shibuya (@tadaomishibuya)
BnA_WALL (@bna_wall), TokyoDex (@tokyodex)
Photos by:
TokyoDex (@tokyodex)

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