where lives and lines intersect #MeetAtTheBar
DesignerKeigo Fukugaki2020.03.20
忘れられない体験 #ArtroomDreams
Inspired from the moment I woke up #SunriseInArt
Entrepreneur Simon Schimm2020.10.20
線と線が交差する場所 #MeetAtTheBar
DesignerKeigo Fukugaki2020.03.20

2021 April 2nd OPEN

[Private Event] Pre-Launch Viewing

**Strictly Invitation Only**

Celebrating the completion of BnA_WALL, we will be hosting a private viewing event for our collaborators.
In an effort to maintain a safe environment during the COVID outbreak, we have limited our invitations to collaborators of the BnA_WALL project.
If you did not receive an invitation and wish to see the hotel, please contact us directly to set a separate date and time for a private viewing.
Thank you for your understanding and support.


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