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Muralist in Residence 01 - Ledania (Colombia)


  • Ledania
  • Completed

    2024 Oct

    BnA_WALLでは世界中のミューラルアーティストをMuralist in Residenceとして受け入れています。
    We are proud to accept Ledania as part of our “Muralist in Residence” Program
    Diana Ordoñez (LEDANIA)
    (Bogota, 1987)
    Born on the 19th of December 1987, a Colombian Neomuralist.

    Diana’s Nickname, LEDANIA comes from her teen days, Leda = from Greek mithology “the famous Female seduced by Zeus” and her first name Diana combined. She used to scratch “Ledania” at many places such as her school’s locker and study desk and today she became one of the most recognized Urban Artists in Latin America.

    She studied visual arts at the Javeriana University in Bogota, since early days she showed interest in the Music (guitar – singing) or any artistic expression, tried different mediums such as vinils or acrylic, then finally falling in love with the Aerosols or Sprays.

    Ledania isn’t only a graffiter, but also a Neomuralist, this art that uses the walls of a city or private ones to bring a different proposal for a specific space through art ; in Ledania ́s case, she hopes through her authentic figures, characters and art, change people ́s day by imagining something different, special and sometimes crazy. Her Art can be easily recognized from far, the use of vibrant colors and her well defined style differentiates her from other Muralists.

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