Not your usual hotel, come for a unique experience that feels more like an immersive art installation
Guest Review2022.05
One of the most inspiring hotel I have stayed in a long time!
Guest Review


Mural 003 - Your [it may be mind or body, that is, it may be yourself. Or it may be your point of view, that is, it may be myself through you.]


  • Aya Kurashiki
  • Completed

    2021 July

    I superimposed my relationship and imagination of the world onto windows and curtains – elements that connect the outside and the inside.
    Curtains are the unseen other side, and one must have the imagination for the invisible to move beyond the curtain.
    The wall is a large and very strong material. As I peeled off the laminated paper, my wrists wrinkled under the pressure.
    The arm on which I put my own weight is pulled by the flesh, and the bones hit the wall. Both I and the wall occupy a part of space and have a finite mass.
    The wall and I both occupy a part of the space.

    After a while, the next picture will bury us and we will become invisible once again.

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