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One of the most inspiring hotel I have stayed in a long time!
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Mural 007 - NEHAN


  • Akari Uragami
  • Completed

    2022 June

    About NEHAN
     Using soft sculpture, she expresses humans as organisms, depicting their internal and external phenomena.
    These sculptures, which are knitted, sewn and tied, push back against the constraint and bulge, thereby creating beauty in its form of resistance and unpredictable shapes. Her current works consist of two elements – softness, and tying with ropes that signies our own culture, commandments, social and the personal beliefs and ideals that shape us.
    These elements of constraint/xation, softness/release are woven and knitted together, juxtaposing contradicting senses of security and violence. It combines personal and social, with intimate experiences told through hand-crafted textile and external relationships and interactions represented by ropes, to tell anonymous human stories.

    About Akari Uragami

    Graduating from Musashino Art University, Department of Crafts and Industrial Design, majoring in textiles, she has exhibited in Japan, Korea, England, and the U.S., as well as in Japan and abroad.
    After living in London and Northern California, she currently lives and works in Kamakura and Tokyo.

    Akari Uragami Instagram (@akariuragami)

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