Not your usual hotel, come for a unique experience that feels more like an immersive art installation
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One of the most inspiring hotel I have stayed in a long time!
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Mural 009 - JOIN US


  • Sakurai Maria
  • Completed

    2023 February

    “BnA_WALL Mural Rookies Project” is a project started in January 2023 as a collaboration between BnA_WALL and art agency TokyoDex. This program was a response to the voices of young artists who have not had the opportunity to try their hand at large-scale mural painting and are looking for a place to start. We will hold an open call for artists for each volume, creating opportunities for many mural rookies to step up to the challenge. Each time we will also enlist the help of a veteran artist to act as mentor, and for Vol. 1 we are thrilled to have renowned muralist Tadaomi Shibuya at the helm.

    Maria Sakurai (@eazy_happy_step)
    Mentor Artist:
    Tadaomi Shibuya (@tadaomishibuya)
    BnA_WALL (@bna_wall), TokyoDex (@tokyodex)
    Photos by:
    TokyoDex (@tokyodex)

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