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Mural 011 - NEOYOROZU


  • Mizuki Toyama
  • VJ Genome
  • Aki Palladium
  • Completed



    -The Art of Human Augmentation-

    The accelerating evolution of generative AI and other technologies has brought humans to a new stage of human augmentation, utilizing these media as an extension of their own brain and bodies.
    Connected to AI, humans downloaded even digital data into their bodies, extending new perceptions.
    The continuous interactive feedback between the human and AI gave the impression of the emergence of a new complex system, consciousness, and something resembling the living, which was like a “Residing” of something beyond the conventional human found in artworks and creations.

    In this artwork, the artist collaborated with AI on the design of “NEOYOROZU,” that appears in the final scene of a myth they made up together. To embody this image in the real world was done by the artist’s hand in a fluid art technique.
    The artist, whose abilities were expanded by the AI, also worked as a media for the AI, and became a media itself for mediating the new digital world.


    Artist : MizukiToyama Instagram (@mizuki_toyama)

    Mizuki Toyama’s Apparel Brand : AVA Instagram (@ava_jp)

    VJ : VJ Genome Instagram (@genome_lit_project)

    Music : Aki Palladium Instagram (@akipalladium)

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