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Mural 016 - Art without a Message


  • Ryuichi Ogino
  • Completed

    2024. 1/31

    Mural Artist 荻野竜一 / Ryuichi Ogino

    About “ART without a MESSAGE”
    Each image, drawn in the motif of a magazine cover or newspaper headline design, is a work full of “MESSAGE,” in which the artist has reconstructed and arranged symbols and signs that represent topics that should be talked about today through his social activities.

    About 荻野竜一 / Ryuichi Ogino
    Artist. Born in Tokyo. In 1996, Ogino moved to Colorado to take up snowboarding and study English. He then moved to the Bay Area and graduated from CCA (California College of the Arts) and returned to Tokyo in 2005.
    Ogino mainly works in visual arts (paintings, sculptures and installations) but also curates group exhibitions and hosts regular DJ events at Tractor (Nakameguro), BNA (Koenji), and Bonobo (Jingumae).
    In recent years, he has been involved with The Japan Wolf Association which raises awareness to reintroduce wolves to Japan.

    Ryuichi Ogino Instagram (@ryuichi_ogino)

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