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Mural 012 - dadadynamism


  • Yusuke Isao
  • Aitone
  • Completed


    Perhaps, there are theories for painting techniques.
    At the same time, there may be theories for painting tools.
    In order to paint a large mural, unique tools are necessary.
    However, there are no such tools for expression at this scale.
    So we refashioned existing devices as tools for expression fitting for murals.
    The ink particles that we perceive are both large and small,
    the speed of depiction we experienced with these tools is both fast and slow.
    This is our second collaborative mural, and we have succeeded in creating a new vector of the energy,
    deviating from our previous flow, breaking out of what we had already built up in our minds as
    our “status quo”; Blurring in different directions and changing through our art work.

    About Aitone
    Artist, Designer.
    In 2000, he’s started going out on the street since he got inspired by graffiti he saw on a magazine.
    He spent his teens immersed in street culture through graffiti and skateboarding.
    Since 2008, using the insight he has cultivated through his fieldwork in urban areas, he has been creating artwork mainly through paintings and drawings based on the theme of “ambiguous shapes that look like something, but are not.”
    In recent years, he pursues a style in which he has been abstracting and recomposing images of sceneries and junk he collected while roaming around the city.
    He keeps trying experimental approaches without being restricted by supports or techniques.

    About Yusuke Isao
    During his student days, he made independent videos on film. After that, he has been involved in freelance video work.
    Returning to analog, he began to draw monochrome pointillism, which became his current style.
    He combines forms extracted from natural and artificial objects and gives them texture improvisingly using a millipen.
    The steady act of drawing shadows or light is similar to the sensation of excavating the primitive forms that reside in objects.

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