Not your usual hotel, come for a unique experience that feels more like an immersive art installation
Guest Review2022.05
One of the most inspiring hotel I have stayed in a long time!
Guest Review

Room 506



Rest and meditate, adrift in another dimension

  • King

  • Bathrobe

  • Free wifi

  • Non-Smoking

  • Shower

  • Shampoo&Conditioner

  • Fridge

  • Hair Dryer

Not recommended for guests with small children

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You have stepped into BnA_WALL’s Junior Suite, where you’ve found yourself in a different dimension, untethered from time and space. This a place for meditation; the ultimate state of rest, resetting, amplifying the imagination, and deepening the spirit.
In the nook just past the entrance, you can sit and lean against the curved wall, and gaze at the lights, crystals, and mirrors that decorate the room.
Similarly, the entire area surrounding the bed has been outfitted with soft surfaces for sitting and relaxing. You can freely adjust lights and sound from the control panel beside the bed.
Let the light and sound engulf your body and mind. Enjoy a luxurious moment of immersion.
Art room info
Room size: 29sqm
Bed size: 1 × King (120cm x 196cm) 
Capacity: 2 people
Bath type: Shower
No pets
Non-smoking (Smoking room in common space is available)

About the artist

YOSHIROTTEN is a graphic artist and art director based in Tokyo.
Born in 1983, he works across a wide spectrum of fields, including graphics, moving images, 3D works, installations and music.
Besides his career as an artist, Yoshirotten also serves as an art director and multidisciplinary designer for diverse clients.
His work ranges from artwork for both nationally and internationally known musicians, to graphic design for fashion brands, advertising visuals and commercial space design.
Yoshirotten has held solo shows in London and Berlin, and in 2018 he mounted a colossal exhibition of his works, his largest to date, titled “FUTURE NATURE.” Held at TOLOT/heuristic SHINONOME in Tokyo, the exhibition included an enormous installation work using 1,300 square meters of space, 3D works, moving images and graphic works.
In 2017 a collection of his artworks, “GASBOOK 33 YOSHIROTTEN,” was published by GASBOOK.

Art Director: YAR

Interior Designer: Ikue Nomura

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