Not your usual hotel, come for a unique experience that feels more like an immersive art installation
Guest Review2022.05
One of the most inspiring hotel I have stayed in a long time!
Guest Review

Room 202 |302

An Urban Nest

Created by Kanto Iwamura

Sleeping in the crevices of the city

  • Queen

  • Bathrobe

  • Free wifi

  • Non-Smoking

  • Shower

  • Shampoo&Conditioner

  • Fridge

  • Hair Dryer

Not recommended for guests with small children.

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Walking around the streets of Tokyo late at night, you will often see people dexterously sleeping, drunk, in little alleys and crevices in the city.
Have you ever felt a slight sense of curiosity of wanting to try it yourself?
When thinking about the concept of this room, Hiroto Iwamura, an artist and an architectural designer, thought that every crevice in the city could potentially be an inhabitable “nest”.
In this room, the space surrounding the loft-structured bed is reminiscent of concrete structures in an urban city, and is decorated with otherwise unadorned utilitarian objects.
The staircase wraps around the bed structure, connecting the space below, and up to the ceiling.
Indulge in your curiosity, and enjoy an evening of the abnormality nesting in the crevice space abstracted from the city.
Art room info
Room size: 22sqm
Bed size: 1 × Queen (160cm x 196cm)
Capacity: 2 people
Bath type: Shower
No pets
Non-smoking (Smoking room in common space is available)

About the artist

Born in 1985, Tokyo. Architectural Association School of Architecture, Diploma.
Inspired by his experience in architectural practice and drafting, Kanto developed a painting method as known as “A_Maze” with which he launched his career as an artist.
Whilst maintaining a discipline as an architect, Kanto practices mainly in Mexico and Tokyo where he engages with a magnitude of mediums including his recent sculpture works built in concrete, an investigation into abstract architecture movement and primitive monumentalism.


Interior Designer: Kanto Iwamura

Collaborator: NIHON KASEI CO.,LTD. sakura sakan arts and crafts ink.

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